Friday, August 29, 2008

Garden in the Woods

I've been really into gardens lately. I arrange my comforter into a circle and then tell mommy that I'm sitting in my garden. Mommy and daddy aren't allowed to touch my garden or I might squash the bunnies.

So to celebrate my interest in gardens, mommy and daddy took me to the Garden in the Woods last weekend. There was some kind of big bug walk they wanted to take me on.

The bugs were big!

Ladybug sculpture
Giant Ladybug

Praying mantis
Giant Praying Mantis (about to eat some other little boy)

Checking out a bumblebee
Looking at a real bumblebee

They had neat plants and flowers too...

Peppermint twist garden phlox
Peppermint twist candy flower

Hibiscus in Massachusetts
The pink version of daddy's state flower growing in Massachusetts (with turtles sitting at its bottom)

California poppies growing in Massachusetts
My state flower growing in Massachusetts

Afterwards we went to the Lego Store.

At the Lego Store
My first time playing with little Legos

Box of Lego mini-figs
You could buy a little Lego man. $3 per little dude!

I got a little Lego bulldozer to start my collection. I think maybe I need some bigger ones though because it keeps falling apart.

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JT said...

I loved legos too which we still have at my house! Legos are one of the few toys that hasn't been changed since I was a kid (i.e. transformers)