Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Rest of Mommy's Family's Visit

By the time we woke up on Wednesday, daddy had gone to the airport to go to a place called Moloka'i.

Ah Gu took Ah Mah and Ah Gong hiking up the mountain (!) and we went to work out by the beach.

Ketpuras overlooking south ridge of Diamond Head
Ah Mah and Ah Gong on Diamond Head

For dinner we went out to a special restaurant called Roy's. I had the juice.

Dinner at Roy's
And I enjoyed the view

Ah Mah Teasing Aki
Ah Mah teasing Aki with grown-up food

On Thursday we went for a long drive to the North Shore. On the way we stopped to play with pineapples and have some pineapple juice. Daddy says that when he was growing up there was pineapples as far as the eye could see and burning clouds of caramel smoke from sugar cane, but now there's only this pineapple museum. Eh, it was fun anyway.

Even as a pineapple, I love the ukulele
Even as a pineapple, I love my ukulele

Pineapple express train
There was a pineapple train

On the Pineapple Express
For pulling us pineapples

After we left the plantantion, we went even further up. We had shave ice at Matsumoto's Grocery Store, if only to compare it to Waiola's. I drank the juice.

Then we got to this island theme park, the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Feeding the koi
They have fishies to feed here

Ah Gu shows me how to fish
And fishies to fish too!

Na Alii
Hawaiian chiefs of olden days

Three Warriors
Three amigos warriors

That was a long day so everyone just collapsed at home after Chinese food from Lung Fung.

On Friday, daddy played hooky. Hooky from us that is! He took Ah Gu hiking up in the mountains.

Trailhead of Maunawili Falls hike
The hike they went on

View of Koolaus from the ridgeline
Koolau crest

Nick wading in the pool at Maunawili Falls
Ah Gu wading in the pool at the end

Looked like fun. Maybe next time I go?

Later on Friday we went for a party at Sea Life Park. We got there early so we had to wait for the doors to open.

Ah Mah and Aki waiting
Aki loves waiting!

Ketpuras are finally in the park after 1 hour
Finally we got in

The shell was so fake looking!
Gizmo is a baby sea turtle. He looks fake but he's real!

Ah Gu being silly
Ah Gu getting in the spirit

I like the dolphin show
I liked the dolphin show

Then it was time to eat. And watch dancing. But really, it was time to eat. Daddy led the way with two plates of the yummy Hawaiian food. I had some fried noodles, rainbow jello and juice. Hey, it was late.

More luau show
Polynesian dancers

Fire dancer
Ooh, I almost went to sleep before this guy came out

On Saturday we woke up extra early to go to the Farmer's Market at KCC. Grandma likes to get there before it opens at 7:30.

A little loco moco
Mommy fueling up for the day with the special high-energy loco moco. Looks good!

Then it was on to the Windward side. We saw lots of plants and flowers at the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens. I mean, Ah Mah and Ah Gong did, since me and Aki were asleep.

We woke up in time to get to this place, the Byodo-In temple at the Valley of the Temples.

Byodo-In with seated Buddha
Buddha sitting outside

Fishies are eager for food
We fed the fishies here too. These ones were bigger. Must be the huge bag of food you get for your $1.

Me and Daddy ringing the bell
Daddy helped me ring the bell

In the evening, Aunty Marlene, Grandma and Kung Kung came over to have dinner.

Our entertainment: making balls of mesh
We put them to work wrapping up plastic mesh to make into dish scrubbers. Really.

Wrapped up in mesh
I wanted a mesh t-shirt, but this was the best we could do

Bubble blower!
So instead of the mesh t-shirt, I went outside to play bubbles

Today Ah Mah and Ah Gong had to go back to California. I was sad to see them go...

Our family
Hanging in the back yard before they left

Ah Gong stuck around a little longer, if only to get a little more sunburned.

Lunch at the beach
Eating plate lunches at the beach with Uncle Jeff

Ah Gu and Mommy enjoying the shave ice
Most importantly, we got some shave ice at Waiola's! And I drank the juice.

We had a great time with Ah Mah, Ah Gong, and Ah Gu. Next time, maybe they can stay for two weeks? And can I have some juice?

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Alana Kim Dunn said...

looked like a fun trip! We've never been to Sealife park or the Polynesian Cultural Center, was it worth it?