Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Clark's Trading Post

Ok, so we're going a little out of order here, but I still wanted to catch you up for the last few weekends...

After Story Land, Ronak and his family had to go back to Boston, so we went to see another place by ourselves. This one was called Clark's Trading Post. It's a place where they train bears to do tricks, and so mommy and daddy took us to see the bear show.

With the stuffed bears at Clark's Trading Post
Stuffed animal bears (not real bears that were stuffed)

This car is just my size
I got to ride in something called the Wolfman's car

Daddy shut me in!
And stay in the Wolfman's hotel

Later we went on a train ride around the river.

The Climax locomotive
The big blue engine that pushed us

There was actually a Wolfman! He didn't like us riding a train by his secret mine.

The bear show was after that but we didn't take pictures. Let's just say, I can do pretty much everything those bears can do.

On the way back home to Boston we drove into the hills to see some pretty trees.

Fall Colors
Fall colors

We had a great time in New Hampshire. Maybe we can go back in the spring?

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