Saturday, October 04, 2008

Story Land!!!

To help celebrate Daddy's birthday we went on a trip last weekend up to New Hampshire. Ronak and his mommy and daddy came too. We had a sleepover, visited Story Land (!!!) and Clark's Trading Post, and had a great time together.

We all stayed in one big apartment up there.

Are those trick candles?
Mommy bringing out daddy's birthday pie

Birthday pie
Singing Happy Birthday in the apartment

Synchronized somersaults
As you can imagine, the sleepover didn't involve much sleep until the two of us were separated

Owen wearing a tiny bib
The next morning, having syrup with a tiny bib

Then Aunty Sarita piled all 7 of us into her car and we went up to Story Land. I wasn't sure about this place at first.

Uncle Sameer checking out Humpty Dumpty
Is this guy okay, Uncle Sameer? He looks like he might need a shunt...

But then we got to the rides and everything was cool.

Aki had to wear a life vest
Aki had to wear a life vest on the boats

Swan boats
Duck boats

You have something stuck in your teeth
I think you have something stuck in your tongue

On the train ride
Going on a train ride

Let's hold hands!
Sometimes you need to hold hands

Antique car ride
Driving an "antique" car around the track. Now can I drive the Prius?

Dutch shoe ride
Flying a giant shoe is always fun

So we all went
This ride I did not like. You can just barely make me out in the front, or as I now know it, "scary" seat.

Turtle ride
Or this one was scary too, surprisingly. What could be scary about a giant turtle giving us a big hug?

Tractor ride makes sounds
Okay, this tractor one is more my speed

Bye Story Land!
Story Land was fun!

Ok, next time I talk about bears and Wolfman!


OakMonster said...

Picture of Ronak and Owen on their heads is PRICELESS! That should be on a Christmas card or something. Hahah!

thida said...

hah! humpty dumpty does need a shunt! :) miss you guys!