Wednesday, May 06, 2009

While daddy was at his conference...

Mommy took us kids sightseeing around DC. On Monday, Emma and Aunty Linda met us at the National Zoo. Owen has been to this zoo before, so he offered to show me around.

Giving panda a hug
First, he had to make a visit to the panda and gave it a hug. He must really like the panda since he hugged it last time too.

Elephant getting a bath
Then we watched the elephant getting a shower...

Kids running through sprinklers to cool off
which inspired us to run through the sprinklers to cool off.

I don't like getting wet
But then I realized I didn't like getting soaked.

Mommy really wore us out at the zoo - both Owen and I fell asleep even before getting to the Metro stop to get back to the hotel. It turns out we didn't miss much. The metro line mommy took us on malfunctioned at some point, so she ended up pushing us all back to the hotel by foot. When we got back, Owen and I were both refreshed by the nap. But mommy really needed a break from pushing us all over town. Here's how she kept Owen occupied the rest of the afternoon.

Owen rocking out to Hullaballoo.

After Owen's concert, we met Emma and her parents for dinner at Capitol City Brewery where we all chowed down.

Owen giving Emma a hug
Thanks for hanging out with us, Emma! We miss you already!

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