Monday, August 31, 2009

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

Last week was the last week of vacation before school started (I started on Thursday, Aki started today). We celebrated vacation's end by going to the zoo 3 times.

First, we all went together with my Boston friends Cassidy and Shayna and their parents Aunty Brooke, Uncle Greg. They moved here too!

Aki and the goat
We petted the goats

Coming down from the stairs
And then climbed out the goat escape hatch

The next weekend, Aki got sick. I don't think it was from the goats. They looked pretty healthy.

Aki getting sick, showing off her laptop
Even though she was sick, she still had fun with her new ultra small laptop!

Because Aki had a fever, we couldn't go to visit people again so we went to visit fishies!

My friend Humu swimming around

Aki still sick
Aki wasn't too happy about the aquarium

Riding the elephant
So we went back to the zoo and she was happier. Here's me riding on an elephant.

This past weekend we went to the zoo again, this time for a birthday party. It was for the hospital daddy worked at last year when we came to Hawaii.

Little hula dancers
We saw hula dancers. I'm bigger than that little girl on the left, but she had the moves!

Meeting Lani Moo
I got to meet Lani Moo. I don't like cow milk. And I didn't like Lani Moo.

Yummy frosting
What I did like was the birthday cupcakes! They're from the bakery of one of daddy's classmates from school.

100th birthday cupcakes
100th birthday cupcakes

Mommy with new tattoo
Mommy got a new tattoo

Braden and me at the zoo
And I even saw my friend Braden, who also just moved to Hawaii with his parents. We kind of dressed the same.

I love the zoo. I even went another time just with daddy a couple of weekends ago, when Aki was sick, and I got to meet a new friend, Aunty Shellie's nephew Kenton. So that's 4 times for me, and lots of fun for us! Maybe mommy and daddy can be more creative next time we're on vacation?

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