Sunday, August 16, 2009

Last day of summer school=the beginning of vacation

Last weekend we had our first playdate over at our house. Our friends from last year, Dayton and Saige, came over and they brought a new friend with them, Baby Addley.

Our above ground pool
Swimming in our above ground pool

Saige and Owen
Eating oranges Daddy picked off the neighbor's tree

To celebrate the end of summer school this week, we went to Sea Life Park with my school.

Owen's class
"Listening" to the teacher

Owen with turtle food
Turtle food

Aki feeding turtles
Aki got to feed the turtles too

Dolphin show
I liked the dolphin show. Now whenever I see dolphins in my books, I say, "Dolphin show!"

Then came the first day of vacation...

On Friday we went to the Children's Discovery Museum. That's like the Children's Museum, the Museum of Science, and the Acton Discovery Museums combined into one. It was great!

I got to ride on pretty much every mode of transportation, including planes, cars, bicycles...

Train driver
A train

Youngest solo circumnavigator?
A boat

Owen driving TheBus
And TheBus!

You will find out what this does very soon, Owen
Later, we went to get my eyes checked in a different part of the museum

Aki practicing her swing
While Aki practiced her swing under the Hawaii Winter Baseball posters

After the museum, we met up with my buddy Braden and his parents for lunch and then we went over to the shopping center to help build some giant surfboards out of Lego...

Building blocks to go into big surfboards at Ala Moana
Building little blocks into bigger blocks

And finally it was swim school and time for our graduation!

Owen and Aunty Janna
Me and my teacher

Aki getting her swimming medal
Aki getting her medal

Summer's going to be great!


Jeffrey said...

That's a great pic of Aki getting her medal...although for some reason she reminds me of the jawas in star wars....or obi wan kenobi

nketpura said...

Can I repeat my childhood in Hawaii? umm... you with me Nan?