Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chinese Christmas Parties

These last couple of weeks we've been to a couple of parties with Kung Kung and Grandma at a big Chinese party hall. The first one was for a group called See Dai Doo, and it's their hall. Here's some pictures from that party.

Aki inspecting her balloon ladybug
They had a balloon guy and he made Aki a balloon ladybug bracelet

Our family at dinner
Our family waiting for dinner

Owen having Hawaiian food
Having yummy Hawaiian food

Owen playing with his balloon "sword"
After the balloon guy left, I made myself a balloon sword

Aki pointing out her ladybug balloon bracelet
Aki used a marker to put more dots on the ladybug's back

Santa coming into See Dai Doo hall
Here comes Santa!

Owen and Santa
Me and Santa

Aki and Santa
Aki and Santa

We had a lot of fun at the See Dai Doo dinner and at the Ching Clan one last weekend. Santa came to both of them and we got presents both times!

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