Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The day after Christmas we decided to skip shopping and headed south to the happiest Lego place on Earth!

Lego elephant shooting out water
Lego elephant shooting water

Lego Dino
Lego triceratops!

Owen driving the Legoland Express
I got to drive the Legoland Express!

Junior Driving School
And my own little car! I had to steer and hold down the gas pedal. Good thing I've been practicing with my tricycle!

Aki's first time on the wheel
Aki only went on two rides in the park--the Legoland Express and the boat ride. She was too small for the other ones. Good thing they had cars from the rides that she could climb on outside the rides' entrances! Doesn't look like she misses the real ride!

Lego Clubhouse
Of course there was real Lego

Daddy, don't be scared, Owen's here

Mommy and Daddy really liked the mini land.

Legoland SF streetcar
Mini San Francisco!

Lego San Francisco
Mini Santa Claus falling off a building!

Lego Hollywood Bowl
Mini Hollywood Bowl!

DJ Reindeer and break-dancing Santa and Elf
Mini breakdancing Santa!

Owen coming down the slide
Mini Owen sliding down big slide with mini Mommy!

Owen and Lego Thomas
Mega Thomas!

We don't want to go home!
We really loved Legoland. Especially me. Next time let's stay all day!

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