Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas is coming

Wow, long time no blog! It's time to catch up a little since Thanksgiving...

The weekend after Thanksgiving we stayed around home and saw a fun parade.

Nice rides!
Policemen on nice motorcycles

Santa had to walk 2 miles
Santa had to walk 2 miles. He must have been hot!

After the parade we walked over to the shopping center for a little carnival. They had a few rides and we had to try all of them.

Aki riding the carousel
Aki riding on the carousel

Owen on the swings
Me and mama on the swings

Ferris wheel
Me on the "up and down" ride. I'm in the reddish-orange car.

After the carnival, daddy went to get us a Christmas tree.

Owen studying instructions
I had to figure out how to put it together

All set up
Whew! All set up!

Then it was time to wash the cars. I helped mama soap up the bumpers.

Aki at the carwash
Aki washed the sides. She's a little short still to get the roof.

Owen admiring the lights
Oooh... Is it Christmas yet?

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