Sunday, February 28, 2010

Firefighter Birthday Party!

Ok, we continue to be behind the times with our posting. Let's catch up a little... On "Super Bowl" Sunday we went to a birthday party for Daddy's friend's nephew. It was a firefighter birthday party!

We got to go to a fire station with a lot of really nice firefighters. One of them even went to Daddy's high school...

Owen gearing up
I got to wear firefighter clothes

Nice ladder
Daddy's wondering when he's going to get to try them on

Pull out the hose
Then it was time for fighting fires!

Owen watering the plants
And watering the plants...

Aki watering the plants
Aki wanted mama to help her

Two bays
There's enough space for a pumper and a ladder truck!

After the fire station, we went back to my friend's house for cake.

I am ready for cake
I was ready.

Styling Fire Hat
Let me put on my fireman helmet before I eat the cake

Plotting our approach to this present
Sometimes you have to plan the best way to open presents

Going to the fire in our fire truck
We're going to the fire in our fire truck. It is a very wide front seat.

Aki is pleased
Aki was pleased.

All in all, it was a wonderful party. And I didn't miss any of the Super Bowl either! Thanks firefighters from Moanalua!

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