Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hanging around the House

Now that mommy and daddy both have "jobs", we've been spending more of our weekends at home, hanging out.

Here's one new thing we've been doing at home. Aki and I have tea parties.

Having a real tea party
Aki spilling the cream

Feeding the baby
Feeding Cailin. What is Cailin eating with the spoon? Maybe sugar? Maybe sriracha?

Our kind of tea party
Froggy sometimes keeps us company

We've also been having fun playing with the blocks that our cousins gave us.

Building my sculpture

Our skyscraper
Sometimes we make tall towers

Skyscraper falling down
But what goes up, must come down

Skyscraper falling down
Daddy, don't be sad!

We also are still having fun playing with our trains.

Overview of our train
Well, mommy made this one

Passing through London
First you pass through London

At grade crossing
Then stop at the crossing

Passing through New York
Then New York City

Home time is fun! We do still go out though. Next time I'll write about some going out things we've been doing.

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