Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Camping Adventures

We love camping!

At the end of June, we had a great time with the Dunn family...

Frisbees after breakfast
Learning to throw frisbees...

Aki carrying water to the beach
Building strong muscles from carrying water buckets...

Aki playing in the sand
Making sand castles...

Bellows beach
And relaxing at the Beach

At the end of July, we went with Owen to the Cub Scouts Family Camping trip.

Aerobie time
It's so much easier to throw an Aerobie than a Frisbee!

Cub Scout sign
Owen learned all about Cub Scouting

Settling down for the campfire
Making campfire

Our campfire

Owen on the morning beach hike
Morning beach hike

Aki prepped for sous vide omelet
Making omelet in a bag which was so yummy!

Dodge Ball
Playing dodgeball - parents vs. kids!

Half staff
Flag ceremony after breakfast

Flag Ceremony
The Iolani Cub Scout troop

Charging the waves
And more fun on the beach

We're looking forward to more camping adventures.

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