Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend in Maui

Daddy had to go to Maui for work, so we decided to tag along with him for the weekend.

Here we are pulling our own car seats to the rental car place.

Here's the view from the condo we stayed in Wailea. Owen and I shared a sofa bed with our own TV!

We spent Saturday morning visiting Komoda for their stick donut (yum!). Afterwards, we went to visit the Surfing Goats Dairy where Owen got his goat cheese fix and mama stocked up on goat milk soaps.

Since daddy had to work that afternoon, he dropped us back off at the condo so we could spend the afternoon swimming in the pool. It was so quiet, we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

For dinner, we went to the Monkeypod Kitchen near the condo. Mama and daddy had the Poke Taco, Arugula and Pear Pizza, and Korean Tacos. Owen got the Elvis Presley Panini (peanut butter and bananas), and I had mac & cheese. It was so good!

We needed to expend some energy after dinner, so Daddy thought we should go see the sunset. Here are some pictures from Makena. Beautiful, isn't it?

The next day, Owen and I requested to go back to the Maui Ocean Center to see all the pretty fish and turtles.

The fishies loved Daddy for some reason.

Maui was a lot of fun. I hope we get to go back again soon.

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