Thursday, September 14, 2006

Apple Picking

Kung Kung and Grandma left earlier this week, but before they went, we went apple picking! On Sunday morning we met some friends from my exercise group, and off we went on a little train into the apple orchard.

Apple time
Apple time! Mommy examine the goods.

We have one of those already
Daddy, leave that one alone. We have one of those already.

Later we went to the petting zoo. There were all kinds of animals: emus, reindeer, sheep, piggies (you can't pet the reindeer or the emus). There was a magician too, but it was getting late so we had to go.

Hi Mr. Goat
Mr. Goat and me at the petting zoo

Big bat flying in the sky
They even had a big bat flying in the sky

Kung Kung, me, and Daddy under the grapes
Kung Kung, me, and Daddy under the grapes

Me, Daddy, and Mommy with some Jonagolds
Me, Daddy, and Mommy with some Jonagold apples

We stopped for lunch at the end of the train ride. Mommy let me have a carrot while we watched some people flying through the air on a big swing. It looked like a lot of fun!

Why can't I have an apple?
I don't remember picking this one.

Trapeze school
Trapeze school at the apple farm

I'm going to miss Grandma and Kung Kung. I'll see them again when we go to Hawaii in the winter!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, long time to see!! This is Hiroki writing. A few days ago I met Uyen in Xenopus Conference in Japan, and she inform me about this blog page. Congratulation for your beautiful son, Owen. He is so cute!! Eiko and I are very happy to see your family again in this page. Now, our family is already back to Japan and living in Shizuoka city. We also have a blog page, but unfortunately in Japanese. But you can see our family photo here. I am sured that you will be surprised for seeing my son's growing (he is four years old now).
I will be back to your page soon and frequently. Please keep in touch!!