Sunday, June 01, 2008

San Francisco Here We Come!

Not long after the aunties left, we followed Aunty Melissa back to San Francisco. I enjoyed my flight, as I got to kick the seat in front of me (where Aki sat) as much as I liked and I also watched Finding Nemo and the musical pieces from Sound of Music. Daddy, what does "Auf Wiedersehen" mean?

When we got in, it was still daytime so we went for a little exploration. We found a place where they were selling fruits, my favorite!

These smell good
These look good. I will take all of them.

Long line at sogreen
Despite all of that beautiful fruit, the silly San Franciscans were lined up for yogurt at this SoGreen joint

Me and Julius
We found a big monkey

Akiko's Restaurant & Sushi Bar
And Aki's restaurant, which we sadly did not get to come to, as I'm sure Aki would have eaten for free

Aunty Karna met up with us after work and took us to eat yummy Chinese food.

Eating lemons at House of Nanking
Eating lemons at House of Nanking

Eating soup at House of Nanking
Eating soup and getting it all over me

When we walked back to the hotel, Aunty Karna taught us a new game. It's called, 123 Jump! And you can choose whether you want to jump far or jump high. I like jump high because Aunty Karna is over 6 feet tall.

Jumping far with Karna and daddy
Here's jumping far. Aunty Karna also has a quick first step. Daddy does not.

So half a day in San Francisco, fun so far!

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