Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ah Mah's Trip

Ah Mah's been gone almost a week, and Owen's still not writing. I guess he's been busy with school and all...

Here are some of the things we did while Ah Mah was here.

Aki showing shoes. Owen in a bowl.
I got to wear my shoes outdoors now that I can take a few steps. Owen stood in a bowl.

One day we took Ah Mah to Ikea. We brought back a present for Owen.

Owen tries on his IKEA Dragon Mask
Dragon mug shot 1

Owen in IKEA Dragon Mask
Dragon mug shot 2

P'Tip came over to make Thai desserts with Ah Mah.

Making Thai desserts
Owen got to help. Why didn't I get to help, mama?

Owen's creation
Owen's creation

Making Thai desserts
Ah Mah and her work

Then later in the week we got a package in the mail from Aunty Jen.

Aki and the new doll
What's in the box?

Aki and the new doll
It's a tiny baby!! And it's dressed like me!!

Aki and the new doll
Let's see if it will go in Aunty Sarita's stroller

Of course it did, but then that got me to thinking that I would rather be in the stroller than the baby. So I tried to sit on it, but I couldn't get up. Daddy had to help me in. What fun!

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Nancy Alina Szczekocki said...

Aki is looking so grown up! Don't you just love birthdays that last all week long with things coming by mail? Can't wait to see you all soon!