Friday, March 27, 2009

My First Birthday Party

I don't know what's been keeping my brother from writing about my first birthday party, so I guess it's up to me. I have to have a word with him. As soon as I learn how to talk.

So my party was at this big playroom with a giant parachute and lots of of fun toys and places to crawl.

Aki loves being in the middle of the parachute
I got to be in the middle of the parachute

Then the lady helping us dumped out all these balls and we had to put them back.

I like to bang the balls together
I like the bang them together

What do we do here, mama?
Is this where they're supposed to go?

After the balls it was time for maracas!

Yay for rattles!

And then bubbles!

Aki popping bubbles
Do we have these at home, mama?

Once all the playing was done we had pizza. And cake! Little People cake!

Aki's melting Little People cake
Why's it all drippy like that? Michael and Sonya Lee are going to fall off! 

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy birthday to me!

Rocking Horse
I had a great birthday party!

Thanks, mama and dada!

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