Friday, March 13, 2009

What's a girl to wear?

Mommy made me an applique shirt  ("P" for Phoebe) to wear on my birthday this Sunday, but we can't decide what I should wear with it. Can you help us?

Option 1
B-day outfit

Option 2
B-day outfit with gray bubble skirt

Option 3
B-day outfit w/ hearts skirt

Cast your votes now!

I'm looking forward to my birthday weekend! We're going to Drumlin Farm for pancake breakfast tomorrow, then we go pick up Ah Mah from the airport. And we're having my birthday party at Gymboree on Sunday. Yay for me turning 1!


uncle jeff said...

I vote option #1. I like how she will be showing her punahou pride with a "p" although it should be yellow

thida said...

personally, I like the bubble skirt. so hip. :).