Friday, March 20, 2009

Sap to Syrup

Last weekend, before Ah Mah came, we went to Drumlin Farm for the "Sap to Syrup Breakfast".

Mama and Aki
Here's mama and Aki by the goat house

Mama, Owen, and Aki at the goat house
This is us looking at the invisible sheep

Owen touching piglet's nose
This pig was really friendly. I got to touch its nose.

The instant before Aki was kissed by this piglet
This is a picture right before the pig kissed Aki. She didn't like being kissed by the pig.

Owen weighs as much as a piglet
Checking out how much I weigh: 1 piglet.

Aki and the chickens
Aki liked the chickens much more--no kissing here!

Finally, after looking at the animals, we went to eat breakfast. Only it was lunchtime, but we still ate the breakfast foods.

Mama and Owen eating breakfast for lunch
Yummy pancakes and sausage!

Aki having pancakes and sausage
Aki liked them too.

Then we went to show mommy how syrup is made. While I was waiting for them to look, I stuck this up my nose.

Owen stuck this up his nose
I had a hard time getting this out! I think I learned my lesson though. I haven't put anything up my nose since then.

Sap dripping out of maple tree
Checking out sap dripping out of the maple tree. It tasted like water.

We had fun at the breakfast-for-lunch place, except for the part where Aki got kissed by the pig. I hope we get to go back again before we leave!

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