Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alana and Maile visit

More friends came to visit us this week. It was Alana and Maile, our friends we saw at the end of our long car ride in July!

We met up with them at Braden's new house. He has a pool.

3 year olds watching Ah Gong get the pool ready for them
The gang of 3 (year olds) watching Braden's Ah Gong get the pool ready for them

Uncle Greg being fatherly
Alana's father fed all of us

On Tuesday we got to go to the North Shore for the first time

Enjoying the view
Aki enjoying the sand. Me and mama enjoying the view...

Waves coming in to the cove
of the waves coming over the breakwater

Aki in baby floaty
Aki got to test out her new baby floaty thing

And we got the check out the fishies

After cleaning up we drove up the coast to find a shrimp truck but instead of the shrimp truck we ate at a shrimp hut that Alana's aunty and uncle like.

Lunch at Romy's
Nice and cool under the shade

Owen stuffing his face with garlic shrimp
I enjoyed the garlic shrimp.

I actually ate the shrimp bodies, not just the fried tails, which I usually like. And I took some from Alana's grandma too. Too bad Alana and Maile were sleeping!

Today is a party for Uncle Greg at the beach. Tell you about it later...

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