Thursday, October 01, 2009

Daddy's birthday

Before I tell you about daddy's birthday, here's a picture of me and Aki before swim class. Our class is 2 hours after we finish school, so mommy and daddy have to keep us entertained. We like to go to the playground at the school by swim school.

Owen and Aki on the slide
We race down the slide

Ok, so now on to daddy's birthday. When we woke up, I ate birthday cupcakes that Mama baked for us.

Birthday cupcakes for breakfast
Healthy and nutritious carrot cake

That night we went out to dinner and Aki and I were on our best behavior. Too bad there's no pictures of us being good!

Yummy food for Mike's birthday
Then last weekend we had a little party at our house for daddy. Here's some of the food we got to eat! I liked the frosting on that cake the best. Thanks, Aunty Kiyomi!

Some of daddy's high school friends came over

Owen and Kenton
Kenton came too. He's not one of daddy's high school friends. He's Aunty Shellie's nephew.

Because we were so inspired by daddy's presents, I decided that it was time to write our letters to Santa. Mommy helped us write them.

Mine says, "Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a Lego Percy. And a big green train when it's another Christmas night-maybe next year. Love, NEWO"

Aki's says, "Dear Santa, I would like a purple train for Christmas. Love, Aki" I might have helped her on that one.

Kids' letters to Santa
Maybe I need to also ask for some pajama pants

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