Friday, October 16, 2009

UH-Fresno State football game

Last weekend we finished Daddy's birthday celebration by taking him to a football game. The team wearing green (my favorite color) was playing the team in red (my second favorite color).

We rode the bus to the stadium and had great seats, thanks to mommy. They were really close to the field!

Once we reached our seats, we were able to start enjoying the game--which started with enjoying our food!

Before the rain
Here we are downing the last order of garlic fries in the stadium

Then it started raining. First it rained a little bit. Then it rained a little more. Then more and more until we had to leave our seats to go hide under cover. Of course, wherever I say "raining", daddy says can replace that by "Fresno State scoring touchdowns."

And then it started really raining, as in water falling from the sky. This was when mommy and daddy weren't so excited about how close we were to the field and how far we had to walk up to the covered area while it was raining.

Eating fried saimin after the downpour (of Fresno State touchdowns)
It wasn't all bad though--the rain gave us a chance to eat fried saimin

Wet Aki standing in a puddle
And splash in puddles

In the end, I don't remember too much about the game except for eating fries and fried saimin and riding on the shuttle bus. But we had fun anyway. Maybe next time an indoor game?

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