Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Emmy and I Visit Pearl Harbor

Last week, Emmy and her family came all the way from Boston to visit me!

To celebrate, we went to Pearl Harbor.

Owen on the big tank
I got to sit on this thing

Owen and Aki at the memorial
And climb into the submarine tower

Owen and Emerson Reunited
And go on a boat ride with Emmy

On the boat ride to USS Arizona Memorial
And our parents and baby sisters were there too

Later, after lunch, we all drove to our house. Because Emmy and I don't nap any more, we got to play while the babies slept.

Emmy and I played Hannah Montana. I played the role of "My Husband."

Let me show you around
Walk over here, My Husband!

Too bad we didn't get to play together much more! I guess we have to go back to Boston to visit them there!

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