Sunday, August 20, 2006

Boston Sabado

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted. I haven't been feeling so good. Something about a fever and funny red spots on my skin. Daddy says I should feel better in a few days. Anyway, I was feeling better on Saturday so we went into Boston to enjoy our nice weather.

Boston Public Library courtyard
This is the courtyard of the Boston Public Library. Daddy was really excited about their exhibit with lots of old maps.

Mommy and me in the courtyard
Mommy and I had some lunch while daddy went to look at the maps.

Lunch at Copley Square
Here I am eating my lunch in Copley Square. That's the library in the background.

Asleep. Nobody gets my carrot stick.
After lunch it was time for a nap. I'm protecting my carrot stick for later. I saw daddy eyeing it.

The last time anybody saw my carrot stick
This is the last picture I saw of my carrot stick. Daddy, do you know where it went?

Swan Boats
Later we went to walk around the Public Gardens again. The famous swan boats were out on the water, but I was asleep so mommy and daddy just walked by the ticket booth.

Long line and strollers
Looks like lots of people wanted a ride. Maybe next time, daddy?

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