Monday, August 28, 2006

St. Anthony's Feast

This weekend we went to St. Anthony's Feast in the North End. Mommy says St. Anthony is a patron saint for a group of Italian people who came to the US from one place in Italy. Every year they have a celebration for their special saint. There were lots of people, food, and games. Again, I just got to look, but I think I'm going to get to eat some big people food pretty soon here.

St. Anthony's Feast
Clipping dollar bills to St. Anthony. Mommy said they do this at the Buddhist temple in Rowland Heights too, except there's no St. Anthony there.

After walking around, Mommy and Daddy bought some food, and we sat down on somebody's doorstep. My parents were little piggies! They had a fried rice ball, a sandwich, and a calzone! I had lunch too (sweet potatoes, bleh). I was much more interested in what they were eating.

I want that!
I want that one.

Afterwards, we walked around the North End to Hanover St. since Mommy wanted cannoli from Mike's Pastry for dessert. When we got there, the place was so packed there was no room for me and the stroller. So Daddy was on duty to get the cannoli. Alas, none for me (again!). They do eat too much, don't they? Good thing they're exercising more now.

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