Sunday, August 13, 2006

More New Things

This past week I've been trying out a bunch of new things:

I now fit into Uncle JT's shirt. Here I am with my Exersaucer and caterpillar link. My favorite thing to do with this link is to bang it on the Exersaucer and then throw it on the ground.

Uncle JT's shirt
Where should I throw this?

I've also been practicing my standing. I can do about ten seconds now without falling down. That is, if my arms and stomach are propped up against the back of the sofa and daddy is watching my butt.

Daddy, you're covering up my bear!

Also, I've learned how to drink from a sippy cup. Since I won the bottle game (here and here) with daddy, I haven't had any liquids to drink except directly from mommy. This week I drank a whole ounce of cold water from the cup. It felt nice on my aching gums.

Sippy cup
I know how to hold the sippy cup too!


JT said...

Thanks for wearing my shirt Owen! where's that onesie with the "P" on it?

Owen, you know if your dad's hand is bigger than the bear on your okole...your daddy is retar-...or was that if your hand is bigger than your face?

Neddy said...

Good luck with this cute blog. Make sure to save a copy to show baby Owen when he is all grown up. It will be a hoot to see his reaction. He is a lucky little boy to have such good parents.