Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas in Southern California

Ok, here's part 1 of my trip. First mommy and daddy got me up extra early to go sit in a big car for 6 hours. It was okay since I slept and brought some reading with me. When we got out of the car, it was sunny and warm!

Some in flight reading
Hmmm, I wonder where we're going?

Ah Gong met us at the airport and then we went to Ah Gong and Ah Mah's house. Guess what? They got me a cell phone!

My first cell phone!
It only calls one person though...

The next day was "Christmas." I woke up three hours early for some reason. There was lots of stuff that people had put paper around and I had to work hard to get that paper off. What hard work! Just leave it and I open it easier!

I'm going to have to grow into this one
I think I'm going to have to grow into this one

Later we went for Christmas dim sum.

Christmas dim sum
Hanging at the restaurant

I thought we were in California!
I thought we were in California! This restaurant was just next to where we went to eat.

Then we dropped by K&D to see some family.

In the classroom at K&D
Cousin Ariel and Sydney got pretend babies. They could take care of me if they wanted a baby.

Cee reading in Thai
My aunty Cee reads Thai really well.

After K&D we walked to the park.

Some things I did like
Some things I liked...

Some things I didn't like
Some things I didn't...

This I like. All better now!

A little help, please?
A little help, please?

The day after Christmas we went to the zoo in San Diego. I don't remember this place, but mommy said I'd been there before.

Whose aviary? Oh yeah!
Whose aviary? Oh yeah!

I liked this bird a lot
I liked this red bird a lot. I couldn't stop looking at it.

At the zoo
After they let me out of the stroller, Ariel had to hold my hand so I wouldn't get lost.

I had so much fun for Christmas and at the zoo! There's lots more to tell you about, but daddy says it's bedtime so I'll have to fill you in later... See ya!

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