Friday, January 12, 2007

New Year's in Hawaii

After another long car ride, I woke up to find... I was in Hawaii! We were very busy in Hawaii with daddy's family, and I got more presents!

After sleeping a little and then waking up late (9 am Boston time), we went to make mochi at Aunty Hattie's house. It took all day, but it was fun! I got to play with my toys, and all the grownups worked hard. Except for daddy who I had to supervise!

Mochi making with Aunty Misako
Aunty Misako loves my new activity table as much as I do!

The next day it was raining so Uncle JT took us to the aquarium. Then he brought us somewhere for "shave ice". I loved it, although it took me a little while to warm up to it! In case you're wondering, Uncle JT didn't have any accidents while I was in the car.

My first shave ice
My first shave ice

This toy doesn't work
Celebrating my Madden victory over Uncle JT. Just kidding--we didn't play. But if we had...

Hawaii has playgrounds too!
And they have playgrounds in Hawaii too!

At night, Kung Kung played clarinet for me. He played in the University of Hawaii band when he was in college.

What's that sound?
What's that sound?

In the mornings I had manapua, yogurt, and some exotic fruit.

Rambutan man
Eating rambutan. At first I was scared of this hairy fruit, but then mommy peeled it and I liked it!

I got to see lots of people again.

Aunty Cheryl, Baby Aubrey, Aunty Shellie and me
Here's Aunty Cheryl, Baby Aubrey and Aunty Shellie. Aubrey was still inside Cheryl the last time I was in Hawaii. Now she's almost as big as I am!

Owen, Lani and Nathan
Me, Baby Lani and Nathan. Lani was inside her mommy too the last time I saw her!

Going to Hawaii wouldn't be complete without going to the beach. We went to Ala Moana on New Year's Eve.

No waves here!
No waves here!

This beach, I like!
This beach is a lot nicer than Boston!

Mmm... sand
Mmm sand...

Then it was time for New Year's Eve at Aunty Joyce and Uncle Dwayne's house. Part of New Year's in Hawaii is fireworks, and they had lots! I could only watch, and I liked the sparkly stuff. The loud stuff, not so much.

New Year's Eve with Aunty Marlene
Me and Aunty Marlene. I'm making sure my bun doesn't get burned!

On New Year's Day it's tradition to have a special soup called ozoni. It's mochi, mizuna, and special clams in clear broth.

Eating ozoni
Here I am sampling the mochi we made. I liked it!

Then it was off to Kahala for a birthday brunch.

Birthday Brunch
Our family celebrating... my 360th day!

I was tired during lunch but then we went outside and there were...

Whoa, dolphins!

Too bad our trip to Hawaii ended so soon. Next: SoCal part 2!

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