Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Emerson's Birthday

This weekend I took my parents to Baby Emerson's first birthday party. She and I are almost the same age! There were lots of babies there, and lots of neat things to see.

Lots of babies
Lots of mommies and lots of babies

It was cold outside that day. Lucky we were inside!

I can wear my hat
Here's a little trick I learned from Baby Una. If you don't want to wear the birthday hat, just use your regular hat! Your mommy won't know the difference, and she'll make funny faces too!

Elmo cake
Emerson had an Elmo cake. You can see where she's trying to cut the cake for everyone in the green section.

Frosting is yummy!
We all liked it, but Emerson enjoyed it most of all! I think she shared some with her daddy after we took this picture.

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