Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's Snowen!

On Monday morning it snowed again! This is what it looked like in our front yard.

View from our front window
Everything was covered with snow!

The snowflakes had fallen on the tree branches and made them look like flowers.

Snow flowers
Snow blossoms

Since daddy had Monday afternoon off, we all got to play in the snow. We made this little snowman and then we had a snowball fight. I laughed and laughed! I thought it was really funny!

This guy was so cold to me!
Snowman helped me stand up in the snow

It was hard to move around even though the snow was so light and fluffy. I crawled around but then I would have to lay on my back to rest. Daddy called this making snow angels.

It's so fluffy!
Forging new ground...

Mommy built an even bigger snowman.

Mommy and the snowmen
Me and mommy with the snowmen

We got cold after that so we went inside, but it was a fun time out in the snow! I hope it snows every week!

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JT said...

Considering your mommy and daddy are from non-snow climates (California and Hawaii), those are pretty good snowmen...although I'm sure they needed your help a lot.