Friday, February 09, 2007

Week in Review

It was another fun week out here in Boston but it was cold! Daddy said it didn't really get above 30 at all this week. Here's some of what I did this week:

This Sunday we were going to go out for dim sum, but I got tired in the morning and fell asleep. Daddy came and lay down next to me, and he went to sleep too!


I only slept for about half an hour so after I woke up we went to Chinatown for dim sum.

I love dim sum
I love dim sum

Mmm dim sum
And I love chopsticks!

Mommy bought me a new toy this week: a toy car. It's really cool, and when I push it, I go, "Rrrrrrr...."

Car goes behind the curtain?
Car goes behind the curtain?

I also figured out that my stackable rings can stack on my arm.

I gots rings on my arm
Pumping iron

And yesterday I went on a play-date at Emerson's house again. She had this fun zebra riding thing, and then we played with her car.

Me and Emerson
Emerson can drive!

Another fun week, and the weekend is here already! Unless you live in Hawaii and it's not quite pau hana time yet...

1 comment:

JT said...

I love the "sleepytime" picture!

Although typical Chingy, sleeping when he should be working, doing chores, or running.

By the way, did you eat dim sum at everybody's favorite, Pearl?