Thursday, February 22, 2007


Last weekend mommy, daddy and I went down South to a place called Newport. It's in a place called Rhode Island. Apparently we were actually on the Rhode Island. The rest of the state is called "Providence Plantations" not to be confused with "Plimoth Plantation," which I've already seen.

It was cold last weekend. So what do my parents do when it's cold? Let's go for a walk down by the water!

It's cold!
I was covered up though.

We ducked into a Gap to warm up. Mommy got this neat hat.

Choo choo!
Choo choo!

Further down the waterfront there were these cages on the dock. Daddy said they were lobster pots, but they sure don't look like pots to me.

Lobster pots
Lobster traps

After lunch we went to a place called Belcourt Castle. There are lots of old mansions in Newport that are open for people to look at and see how super rich folks back in the olden days used to live.

Belcourt Castle
They have baby statues in front! I got excited because it seemed it was going to be baby friendly inside.

What is this tour about now?
What is this tour about now? And when do we get to see more babies?

During the tour, I realized there wasn't any baby stuff at all. In fact, looking at old stuff wasn't a fun thing for me to do. So afterwards I couldn't wait to get out of there.

Let's go! Power on!
Let's go! Power on!

We drove around the seashore looking at more mansions.

Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive

Then it was to a hotel for the night.

This is my bed
I call this bed! So where are you guys going to sleep?

The next morning we went for a very slow train ride. It took us up the coast and past the Navy training base. Did I mention the train was very slow? I got bored with this and decided that I'd rather play with daddy's camera.

I took this picture
I aimed the camera and daddy helped me take this picture

We did get to see some cool stuff though. There were two big old boats parked next to each other. Daddy said they were "aircraft carriers." He loved this stuff when he was younger, but baby Owen was less than impressed.

ex-USS Forrestal (CV-59)
ex-USS Forrestal (CV-59)

It was super cold on the train, and they only had a stove at the back of the car to keep us warm. So mommy went to go get herself some hot chocolate.

Time for some hot cocoa!
Here she is looking to see if she can get some

It was a fun enough weekend for me, but next weekend, I want to do some neat stuff! Like going to the new ICA!

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