Thursday, March 15, 2007

Budding artist

Mommy took me to IKEA today by herself since Daddy had to work all day. She told me that we needed to get some new furniture. When we got there, Mommy took me to the kids' furniture section, and we tried some tables and chairs out. We ended up getting the MAMMUT round table and two chairs. We also got a few more plastic tubs to put my growing collection of toys. After spending all that energy on shopping, Mommy and I refueled at the IKEA Restaurant. We split an order of chicken marsala and a fresh fruit cup. Yummy!

When Daddy got home, he was so excited to put together the chairs and table for me. But Daddy couldn't figure out how to put the legs on the table, so I had to help him by reading the instructions.

Ok, Daddy, here's how you do it.
Ok, Daddy, here's how you do it

Let me show you how to put this together
Let me show you how to put this together

After we were done putting it together, Mommy gave me some markers and paper. Daddy supervised me while I made some drawings. You see, after all these trips visit museums, I'm inspired to make some works of art myself.

Deep in concentration
Deep in concentration

In fact, on Saturday's visit to the Museum of Science I made a leaf at the Discovery Center using some markers, water, and filter paper.

Emerging Spring (2007). Watercolor pen on filter paper.

Supernova (2007). Crayola marker on computer paper. This is one I made today. Do you like it?

Untitled ("Turtle") (2007). I made this one with some old crayons Mommy's had for over 10 years. Don't you think it looks like a turtle? Maybe a teenage, mutant, or ninja turtle?

Okay, more art to come later...

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