Saturday, March 10, 2007

Museum of Science

Today we went to yet another museum, the Museum of Science. We went on the train into the city. I fell asleep on the way there, but when I woke up we were inside the museum!

The first thing we went to see was the butterfly room. There were lots of cool butterflies, but it was sooo hot in there. I mean, we keep our house hot, but it was steamy like in the bathroom after daddy's taken a shower!

A little boy took me and mommy around and showed us all the butterflies. He was so cool, and because his dad works at the museum, he knew all the people there. He even offered to take us on a tour of the rest of the museum, but we went on our own because I wanted to take my time.

Butterfly poking its nose into flowers
A butterfly was poking its nose into these flowers, looking for a drink. Mommy says its nose is called a proboscis.

Then we wandered around the exhibits and saw these chicks being hatched out of eggs! That was cool too. The one that had just come out didn't look too good, but then again, neither did I when I first came out.

Watching hatching chicks
Watching the chicks hatching

All those chicken and eggs made me hungry so we went for lunch after that. I had chicken fingers.

Then it was on to the Discovery Center, which is basically just a play room for kids like me. I had a lot of fun there!

Giant lite brite
Check out this giant Lite Brite!

I got to make a roller-coaster out of pipes. I even tried to go through the roller coaster myself, but I couldn't fit.

My robot arm
Maybe if I hold my breath?

Making a magnet bridge
Later we made a bridge out of these metal donuts. That's Kung Kung's engineering genes that I'm showing off.

We had to go home after that, but I had so much fun, and we didn't even get to see half of it! I hope we get to go back soon!

Aquitaine Bistro
Dinner entertainment--I am demonstrating my proboscis.

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