Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mommy Haircut and a Lesson

This week I had a new experience. After dinner, mommy took off my booster seat's tray, put on my biggest bib, and came at me with a pair of scissors! For some reason daddy was playing with bubbles right in front of my face instead of protecting my hairs. Mommy kept telling me to watch the bubbles, but I wanted to see the scissors.

So eventually after a while, they turned my chair around to face the big black box in the corner of the room. Then the box came to life and there were moving pictures on it! It was beyond amazing! I sat and watched and watched and watched. I forgot all about the scissors! But after the black box went back to sleep, I felt my head and all my beautiful hair was gone! Mommy had cut it while I was engrossed with the box!

So... a lesson for babies everywhere, beware the beautiful pictures on the black box if you want to keep your hair the way you like it, long and shaggy. Or at least pay attention to the snip snip around your head while you're watching.


JT said...

If you think the "black box" is great, just wait until I bring you another "box"'s called the XBOX. We can play when your daddy is at work...but it has to be our secret.

auntie leng said...

my poor OWEN...