Friday, May 04, 2007

A week in review

Since we have been home from Florida, mommy's been keeping me busy with activities. Last Wednesday, she took me to a big library in Brookline to meet one of my favorite authors, Mo Willems. Even though the book reading was during my normal nap time, I'm glad that mommy woke me up for it. It was so much fun and Mr. Willems is so cool. He even signed some books for me.

Mo Willems
Meeting Mr. Mo Willems

The next day, mommy and I went to the newly renovated Children's Museum. It's been about 6 months since the last time we were there, and it looks completely different!

Renovated Children's Museum
The new Children's Museum

Renovated milk bottle
Renovated Milk Bottle in front of the museum

Now that I can walk, I got to play with more things in the museum. The playspace was so much fun - I didn't want to leave.

Showing off my engineering genes
Showing off my engineering genes

Flowers are coming up inside too
Saying hi to mommy from the playhouse

I want this for home
Mommy, can I take this home with me?

Daddy had Sunday off, so he took us for a walk through Arnold Arboretum. Over the last week, I noticed something funny happening with the trees. They now have colors again, but it's mostly white, pink, purple, or yellow. Daddy said that with all the rain we're getting and the weather warming up, the trees are "flowering".

It's spring!
It's spring!

Closeup of tree of flowers
Close-up of tree flowers

Cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms

More cherry blossoms
More cherry blossoms

Even though the flowers were pretty, the best part about the walk was seeing all the dogs. I pointed out the dogs to mommy and daddy and I wanted to chase them around, but they were faster than me.

Dogs are over there, daddy
Dogs are over there, daddy

Let's go see the dogs!
Let's go see the dogs!

On Monday, I was taking daddy for a walk in front of the house when I made a new friend. Christopher and his family live just a few doors away from us and we've never met before. It turns out that we are very close in age. I hope we'll have more playdates together.

Meeting Christopher
Meeting Christopher

Playing ball with Christopher
Thanks for sharing with me, Christopher

Yesterday, it was a beautiful sunny day, so mommy decided to take me back to the zoo to see the new baby tapir named Seamus. He's less than 2 months old! We didn't see baby tapir last time since he was sick with pneumonia. Over the last couple of weeks, the doctors have been taking good care of him and he's all better now.

Baby Tapir named Seamus and its mama
Seamus and his mama. Isn't he cute?

For dinner, we met Aunty Demetra who was visiting from LA. We went to Dok Bua Thai Restaurant in Brookline. The adults couldn't get over how yummy the food was and they were all stuffing their faces. I was so wiped from the day at the zoo that I was too tired to eat. I liked the garlic pork though. Mommy and daddy forgot to get a picture of my with Aunty Demetra to post - they were too busy eating and talking. Sorry!

Today, after StrollerFit class, mommy and I met up with Uncle Greg who's also visiting from LA. We got take-out sandwiches and went to the park. After lunch, I got to run around the park with Uncle Greg. Too bad we couldn't spend more time there... it was close to my nap time, so mommy had to take me home.

Greg playing with Owen
Uncle Greg and me

Whew, what a busy week I had. And mommy says that we'll have more visitors next week. Can't wait for Uncle JT to come play with me!

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