Friday, November 16, 2007

Crafty Mommy

Over the past few weeks, mommy's been working on a few projects for me. Here are the finished products.

The backpack is a little too big for me, but mommy said she'll make another one that's smaller.

New Nemo backpack
A drawstring fabric backpack to hold all my gear. I picked out the fabric - had to be Nemo!

It's been over a year since she started this sweater for me. When she first finished it back in February, it didn't fit me right (The sleeves were a little big, and the body was too short on me). Now with a few tweaks and added buttons on the neckline, it fits me perfectly!

Blue boat-neck sweater
Modeling my blue boat-neck sweater

This past month, mommy took a knitting class once a week to make a cardigan for me. It's still a little big. But I love the stars and moon buttons.

Green cardigan
Modeling my green cardigan

What's next? She said I have enough, so she's working on booties, hats, mittens, and a quilt for my baby sister. And when she gets done with those, she wants to make another sweater for me. We shall see...

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Alana Kim Dunn said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You guys are having a girl!!! She is going to love all the cute knit items. That's pretty neat, maybe I should learn how to knit :-)