Monday, November 12, 2007

Peabody Essex Origami

This weekend we went back to the Peabody Essex Museum because mommy wanted to see some origami, which is Japanese folded paper sculptures. There were some pretty good ones there.

Origami Pangolin
Pangolin, by Eric Joisel. Made out of one big piece of paper (6 foot square).

Origami Alligator
American Alligator by Michael LaFosse. Made out of same size big sheet of paper.

Origami Horse
A horse by I-forget-his-name

Origami Giant Squid and Ship
Attack of the Kraken by Brian Chan. Made out of one 50 inch sheet of paper.

Origami Nazgul
Nazgul, by Jason Ku

Origami bird
Origami bird, folded without any planning, by Satoshi Kamiya, a Japanese prodigy who's not much older than me. Okay, he's 25 years older, but that's still pretty young...

Not an origami boat
Not an origami ship. They have lots of boats in the museum.

Build your own duck
Not an origami bird. I did put this one together though.

Trains are everywhere
They have trains too!

Playing the frog drum
My favorite thing to do there was the musical instruments

Frog drum
This is what I was playing: a frog drum from Vietnam

Thumb piano
Back to the music... Here's my thumb piano

I had a great time at the museum! Next time, I want to make more origami!


Alana Kim Dunn said...

Hey, Punn had those frog drums at his wedding, I thought it was Thai??? Cool origamis! I like Owens haircut, he did cut it right? It looks nice!

oakmonster said...

Those origamis put my miniature crane made out of chopstick wrappers to shame!

And the frog drum thingy? Thailand has those all over the place too. The little ones sound like crickets.