Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Wicked Birthday

For Mommy's Birthday, Mommy and Daddy asked my new babysitter, Dawn, to come play with me, and they went out to watch a show in town called, "Wicked".

Mama's birthday
I'm trying to be cute so they would stay home and play with me.

Being cute didn't work to make them stay home, but I had fun playing with Dawn. Mommy told me that next day that the show was fun - there was lots of music and people dancing in costumes. Maybe they'll take me to a show one day.

Earlier that afternoon, Ronak and I went to get our hair cut. It was my 3rd time at this salon, but Ronak's first. We both did really well and our mommies said we look super cute with our short hair.

Aren't we cute with our new haircuts?
Cute, aren't we?


Dan and Linda said...

Happy belated birthday Nan! Hope you, Mike, and Owen had a great day!

Alana Kim Dunn said...

Happy Birthday Nan! I REALLY want to watch Wicked too!