Monday, December 15, 2008

More gingerbreads

We were invited to Auntie Joy and Uncle Carl's Gingerbread Build-off on Sunday. In prepation for the event, mama and daddy spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend baking. Here are some pictures of their creations.

Ukulele to be cut and baked
Daddy wanted to make a gingerbread ukulele. Here it is in the dough - to be cut and baked.

Mama making gingerbread men
Mama making gingerbread men.

Owen and daddy making holiday cookies
Big brother Owen also wanted in on the fun too. He and daddy helped each other make holiday cookies. Owen had fun punching out the shapes. He said it's just like doing play-doh.

Holiday cookies before glazing
Holiday cookies before glazing. 

Holiday cookies after glazing
Holiday cookies after glazing.

Daddy's gingerbread ukulele
Daddy's finished gingerbread ukulele.

Mama's gingerbread house and its model
Mama's gingerbread house and its cardboard model. Mama is very proud of her first gingerbread house made from scratch.

Aki trying to eat her shoe
While the rest of the family were busy in the kitchen, I was busy entertaining myself and eating my shoes. Maybe mommy and daddy need to pay more attention to me instead of baking. By the way, happy nine-month birthday to me!

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