Thursday, December 04, 2008

Letter to Santa

Last week I dictated to daddy to write letter to Santa Claus.

Letter to Santa

It says:

Dear Santa,

Please I want a deer like in South, a big, big deer, ok?


Hmmm... I hope this works! 

By the way, can you tell I've practiced writing my name at school? Daddy says I have to work on writing it forward next time. He thinks because I'm left-handed, I wrote my letters backwards. I'm not sure what he means.


Uncle Jeff said...

Don't worry Owen, Left-Handed people always get what they want for Christmas.

Nancy Alina Szczekocki said...

I love it!

thida said...

Owen's so cute! I think he's spelling his name in a DaVinci code kind of way. You know, need a mirror to decode. :)