Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread at Peabody Essex Museum

Saturday morning, we took a long drive in the morning. I fell asleep as usual, and when I woke up, we were at this big museum

Gingerbread Making with Culinary Arts from North Shore CC
There were a bunch of people working on a big house.

Giant gingerbread house
Giant gingerbread house.

Interiors in the gingerbread house
The inside of the house.

After we admired the big house for awhile, the people gave us some gingerbread cookies to decorate. 

Daddy Helping Owen Make Gingerbread Man
Daddy helped Owen make gingerbread men. 

Owen and Gingerbread Men
Owen and the gingerbread men.

3 matching off-the-charts hand-knitted sweaters
While we had lunch, daddy spotted a family with matching sweaters.
I think he's trying to hint that mama should knit us matching sweaters. I don't think I want a sweater that matches daddy and Owen.

Owen and mama also did some painting with watercolor and salt to make snowflakes.

Watercolor with salt
Watercolor with salt.

I got to check out art with daddy.

Antarctic Explorer--Darkness to Lightness, 2007
Antarctic Explore - Darkness to Lightness by Nathalie Miebach.

Giant Origami Penguin
We saw this giant origami penguin.

Aki Contemplating Orca Tooth
And I played with an Orca's tooth.

Maybe next time, I'll get to explore more of the museum on my own!

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