Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Last weekend when we were trapped by the snow, we had to do some indoor things too. Daddy looked in the toddler activity book and decided to make me some oobleck! I'd played with oobleck at the Museum of Science before, but I never thought we could have made it at home!

We mixed up some cornstarch and water until it got to be just right. Then...

Playing with oobleck
Pouring out the oobleck onto my tray

Playing with oobleck
Is it liquid? Is it solid?

Playing with oobleck
Is it food?

No, oobleck is not food. Oobleck is also not easy to clean up, as daddy found out. Next time, he said we do oobleck outdoors.

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thida said...

haha! i love oobleck! except i always referred to it as my non-newtonian substance growing up. Glad to see xmas was so fun! Happy New Year! love, t