Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wedgits and Instant Blox

Last week we got presents from Grandma's hairdresser's assistant. What a nice lady to send us presents all the way here and not even know us!

Anyway, she sent Aki a stacking ring set and I got Instant Blox. They seemed kind of familiar...

Wedgits and Instant Blox, fake wedgits
Instant Blox (on the left) and Wedgits 

It turns out they fit together! Daddy was very happy about this.

Wedgits tower taller than Owen
I'm wearing a sleeve from a box and pretending it's my harmonica  Aki, as usual, is entertaining herself.

Thanks, Ms. Nancy!

1 comment:

Uncle Jeff said...

I see your ukulele is fixed Owen. I would like to request "Jingle Bells".