Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Today, mommy and daddy took me to the IKEA. I got to pick out a new big boy bed and sheets (under the sea themed, of course). I also came home with a new sea turtle friend, Mr. "Orange Crush".

I really liked the bed in the store. When I got home, though, I had my nap, ate my snack, and when I went back upstairs, Daddy had almost finished putting the bed together! When he was done, and Mommy put on the sheets, I was kind of leery.

Are you sure this matches my bedroom?

Can I stand further away?
Can I stand further away from this? Orange Crush, protect me!

I was also saying it was scary and telling Daddy to take my friends off the bed. Daddy was a little worried, but then after the snowplow came outside to distract me, and I made a very large doodoo, I was fine. Watching ukulele videos on the computer helped too.

New big boy bed
Let's see if I can stay in big boy bed all night.

Mommy said for every night I sleep in my new big boy bed, she'll give me a Nemo sticker to put on my wall. How cool is that?!!

Oddly enough, since Daddy's been reading the comics to me lately, this whole week's Stone Soup was about big boy beds.

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