Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saturday with Daddy

Yesterday Daddy took me to the aquarium so mommy could rest and recover from a bug she's caught. It's been a while since we've done this kind of thing, and daddy was stressed about it, especially since I wanted to take the train.

We got there fine. It's been a long time since I've been to the aquarium, and I don't think I'd seen Nemo before, so it was like everything was new.

First stop was the top of their giant reef tank for fish feeding.

Looking into the tank
Looking down into the tank

You couldn't see too much from the top so we went down below.

My favorite spot
I staked out a spot by one of the windows

Lots of stuff went by.

"Mask" diver
Like "mask"! (also known as the guy who caught Nemo)

And we got to watch Myrtle the gigantic turtle taking a nap in front of us. She wedged herself into the fake coral and didn't move for like 10 minutes.

Myrtle the Turtle waking up from her nap
Myrtle waking up

Later we went down to climb on Crush and look at the anacondas. The baby anacondas weren't out though.

Climbing on Crush
Climbing on Crush

Lunch was yummy

Then we saw a little more, like the Nemo tank for instance.


One of the best things about the aquarium was looking at this little bulldozer.

Little dozer
Little dozer

By the time we left, I was getting sleepy. This is the last thing I remember before waking up at home...

Drummer in front of Faneuil Hall
D is for Drums

I had a fun time in the city with Daddy, and wouldn't you know it, mommy felt better when we got home. Yay day out!

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