Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week in Dinos Review

Hi everyone, it's been a busy week so I haven't gotten around to updating for a while. Sorry.

On Sunday we went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History again. Now that I'm a little more aware of these "dinos," I spent some more time in the dino room.

This is a big fishie
This one is a big fishie

More construction
Here they are excavating for dinos outside the museum

On Monday it snowed hard. Daddy came home late from work so I didn't get to go outside and play. Instead, the snow came inside for me!

Snow in the roasting pan
Digging the snow

Snow on the carpet
Trying to recreate the snow covered ground inside.

That was the end of snow play downstairs so we brought it upstairs to the bathtub. Oh so cold on my feet!

On Tuesday, daddy had some time so we went out to shovel the walk.

Outside snow
I did a good job with the sidewalk, huh?

Wednesday was our Stroller Fit birthday party for the January babies. That's me, Andrew, and Emmy.

Birthday kids
I'm the birthday prince. Emmy wouldn't wear her crown.

Thursday, daddy's lectures were canceled so he came out to the Museum of Science with us.

Brushing off the dinos
Here I am brushing the dust off of some dinos I discovered.

Then we saw a real movie. Sharks in 3-D!

Sharks in 3D!
You are 3-D

On Friday we went to the Atrium mall to look at the new playroom, which has been under renovation all winter. Here's the old Atrium playspace.

While I was playing there, mommy spotted someone familiar walking by the window. It was Ronak back from India! He, Aunty Sarita and Uncle Sameer joined us in the playspace.

Ronak and I checking out the new playspace
Rowing the boat

Going for a plane ride
"1-2-3 blastoff"!

What a week! Oh, and today was Emerson's birthday, but I have to save that one for later...

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