Monday, January 07, 2008

Birthday Celebration

On my birthday, I woke up extra early, so I got to go downstairs to open presents. Actually there was only one present because I'd opened all my birthday presents at Christmas. Oh well, it's not like I don't get presents all the time anyway.

Pooh balls
Aunty Ying and Uncle Ryan had sent me Pooh balls. Lots of fun!

Then, in honor of my 2nd birthday, which is the age when the American Academy of Pediatrics says kids can start watching TV, I went to the movies! Actually we went to a concert at a movie theater, where I got to see a guy playing a guitar. That was an acceptable alternative.

And then they showed movies! Of books! Chicka chicka, boom boom!

After lunch at my favorite Thai place, I went home for an early nap. When I woke up, it was party time. Mommy planned a big party at a place called Kids U.

They have a big play structure, with tunnels and lots of fun slides.

Juh ay Peekaboo

Swinging smile
And swings

After playing on the big play structure, we went into the gym for more playing.

It's my party, and I'll smile if I want to
Me and the parachute. What are you doing over there?

Then more climbing and running!

Climbing is fun
Celia chasing me over the foam pads

Later the grownups tried to get us to line up for a picture. This is what happened.

The lineup
Group picture of 12 little kids. This is the best one. Funny, huh? What were the grownups thinking?

After picture time, it was dinner and cake time! Everyone sang me Happy Birthday and then they brought this out!

Cake on fire

Actually, it didn't look quite like that. Uncle Sameer took a picture, but daddy didn't turn on the flash, so this is what happened. Here's my cake.

Blowing out candles
Look familiar? I know I've seen this before.

Cake was good
I liked the cake

I am two. Joop Joop.
But I liked DoryNemo more

Then it was back home, and time to open presents!

Lots of wrapping paper
There was lots of wrapping paper to tear

My new chair
Sketching out my plans for next birthday

Thanks for a great birthday, mommy and daddy! (Daddy says it was mostly mommy) And thanks for all the presents and everyone who came to my party, both here and in LA!

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Anonymous said...

oh my owen.. you are now 2!... auntie leng has been too busy the past holiday up until now... your gift will be back when uncle dennis went back to US then. =) I miss you!

auntie leng