Sunday, January 06, 2008

Two is the New One

In honor of my being 24 months old, here are some 24 highlights from last year.

  1. First, I turned 1
  2. CIMG0719

  3. First year, first real haircut. Still not happy about that one.
  4. CIMG0818

  5. Snowman from a big snowstorm in the winter
  6. DSC_2750

  7. I learned to walk
  8. DSC_2799

  9. I learned to do this too
  10. CIMG1573

  11. I broke out of jail and went to the Museum of Science, where I spent a lot of time this year
  12. CIMG1192

  13. We found eggs outside our front door
  14. DSC_2856

  15. I visited the "ER" for the first (and not last) time
  16. CIMG1296

  17. Spring came
  18. CIMG1591

  19. I was on TV in the Children's Museum
  20. CIMG1783

  21. Then it got hot
  22. CIMG1855

  23. So we went west. Not too far.
  24. DSC_3007

  25. Then we went south. Farther, but not too far.
  26. CIMG2387

  27. Ah Mah came, and I had a nice haircut. My hair was this long before!
  28. DSC_3113

  29. We visited Mia, who shared a nice roar with us, and Uncle Steven shared his mole man
  30. CIMG2636

  31. We went to Hawaii, and I had shave ice. It was hot.
  32. CIMG2833

  33. Ah Gu came, we went on a trip, and I got a boat
  34. CIMG3239

  35. Aunty Leng and Uncle Dennis came to make me Korean BBQ
  36. PA080011

  37. I became a lion
  38. PA300016

  39. We found a little tree and hung toys on it
  40. DSC_3520

  41. I turned 2 (almost)
  42. PC150042

  43. We went to a happy place
  44. PC170338

  45. It got cold again
  46. DSC_3528

  47. And of course, I got a ukulele
  48. DSC_3927

Oh, and we also went to Newport, Providence, Maine, Amhearst, and Montreal. We were busy this year! Happy birthday, me!


Jennifer said...

happy birthday owen! i still remember you when you were tiny, yellow, and wrinkly in the hospital - i can't believe it's already been 2 years!

JT said...

Happy Birthday O-man! Careful with those two fingers in your nose...a wise and experienced Pediatrician once taught us that fingers are the number one cause of bloody nose in children.